Admissions are open for PRE-NURSERY to Class 9 and Class 11 for the Academic Year 2024 – 2025. For more information please contact 83484-45674, ⦿ As Per Previous Years, St. Micahel’s School – Durgapur Offered Scholarship Award to Each Class Topper From Class I to Class XI


Dear parents
Those who have paid the enhanced fees for the session 2020-21 in the month of April before we rolled back to the fee structure of the session 2019-2020 are kindly requested to contact the school office with the fee book/payment details so that we can initiate the process of refunding in the FIRST phase.
Please follow the date and time schedule given below.
Timings: 10am to 12pm
1) 12.10.20 – Classes 6 to 12
2)13.10.20 – Classes 3 to 5
3)14.10. 20 – Classes 1& 2
4) 15.10.20 – KG
5) 16.10.20 – Nursery
(6) 17.10.20 – Prenursery.

Adjustment of the reduced fees as per the school notice will be done in the 2nd phase to those, who have cleared their fees till September 2020. Date and time will be notified in due course.
We pray to the Almighty for a safe and healthy life!
Stay safe!!