About Us

Established in 1966, we are a premier co-educational institution specialising in a holistic upbringing of students from Kindergarten to High school. With excellence in education, sports, music, drama, and more, St. Michael’s has been a primary choice of education for over fifty years. The faculty believes in the school motto Aedifices Et Plantes which is ‘to build and to plant’ and we, at St. Michael’s strive towards achieving it.

The school believes in creating a second home for students, providing them with love, care and guidance and helping them to evolve into responsible adults. The school is a hub of modern facilities such as a Multipurpose Hall, Auditorium, AV room, a spacious and updated Library, etc. Apart from this, the school hosts many cultural programmes, inter-school meets: sports and academics, debates, quizzes, etc. It has been an integral part of the Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter-School Debate and National Science and Mathematics Olympiads. Seminars, workshops, and Community Service are an indispensable part of the school environment. We take pride in announcing that St. Michael’s School lays the groundwork for a child’s promising future.