• Fee collection counters in offline mode will be opened from 9th November, 2020. They will operate as usual.
  • The online payment portal will be opened by 11th November, 2020.
  • We have tried to change the structure of fees in the online portal but it is very difficult to do so, at this moment. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted! However if any parent  pays the full fees and wants to avail the reduced fees structure, the same will be adjusted/ refunded in the last phase of the session 2020-21.
  • Fees will be collected in CASH (as per the reduced structure given in the website on 31st of October, 2020) in the school counter and IOB bank counter.
  • All adjustments of fees paid till now will be done in the last phase of the session as the school is not in a position to do so at this moment.
  • The parents who have contacted us to pay the full school fees can pay through both online and offline modes. School will remain thankful to you all for supporting us in this crisis!
  • Those who are already given concessions on case to case basis, by the school can continue to enjoy the privilege for the next few months of this session 2020-21. THEY WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO THIS MODIFIED FEE STRUCTURE.
  • The last date for clearing all fees till November, 2020 is 30th November, 2020 as already mentioned before in the previous notice.


Acting Principal

St. Michael’s School