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Let’s football!

Let’s football!

Vince Lombardi once said, “Football is like life: It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority.” Many accomplished football players live by this mantra and anyone who has ever played sports has too realised the same.

Whenever we think of football, we are reminded of its green turf and a match that requires coordination and harmony. It is a game of the masses, popular and enjoyed by all. After two prolonged years of the pandemic and being cooped up inside our houses, 16th May 2022, marked the resumption of physical interaction between schools and teammates, as St. Michael’s School, Durgapur and St. Peter’s School, Durgapur came together to celebrate the reunion through a friendly football match. The purpose of the match was to strengthen the already existing cordial relationship between the two schools and was conducted with excitement and exultation among the teammates and the onlookers. The match was played by eleven players on each side and lasted for about forty minutes. Teachers and students were seen on both teams and each participant played with much gusto and vigour.

This was a joyous occasion as the schools played as a family to support, build and stand by each other, reveling in the values of camaraderie and fraternity. Not only did the teams enjoy to their utmost while playing, but the spectators were also quite thrilled to witness such a match of joy and cheer. They encouraged the teams on both sides with drum beats, whoops and hollers.

We were honoured to have our esteemed Chairman, The Rt. Rev. Sameer Issac Khimla, along with other guests, teachers and students from both schools. The Principal of St. Michael’s School and the School Manager of St. Peter’s School also took an active part in the match which was organised amidst applause and enthusiasm.