Admissions are open for PRE-NURSERY to Class 9 and Class 11 for the Academic Year 2024 – 2025. For more information please contact 83484-45674, ⦿ As Per Previous Years, St. Micahel’s School – Durgapur Offered Scholarship Award to Each Class Topper From Class I to Class XI


St. Michael’s School strictly follows the syllabus put forward by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and divides it into two categories: I.C.S.E (Class X) and I.S.C (Class XII).

CISCE has undertaken the opportunity to design its syllabus based on new insights and recommendations, trying to make learning an exciting and interesting experience for students. Keeping English as its medium of instruction and a Compulsory subject, here are the following subject combinations provided by St. Michael’s School at ICSE and ISC levels:

Class X (ICSE):

  • English I & II
  • Hindi/Bengali
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • History & Civics and Geography
  • Computer Applications/Economic Applications
  • SUPW


  • English I & II
  • Hindi/Bengali
  • History & Civics and Geography
  • Commercial Studies
  • Mathematics/Economics/Environmental Science
  • Economic Applications/Computer Applications/ Physical Education
  • SUPW

The Commerce stream at ICSE level by St. Michael’s is a lucrative option for students who do not want to carry on with Science and Mathematics beyond Class VIII. It helps students to choose their desired subjects at an early stage and focus on what they what to learn.

English English
Bengali/Hindi Bengali/Hindi
History Civics & Geography History Civics & Geography
Mathematics Commercial Studies
Science  (Physics+ Chemistry +Biology) Economics/Mathematics
Computer Applications/Economics Application/Physical Education Economic Applications/Computer Applications/Physical Education

Class XII (ISC):

St. Michael’s follows a ‘stream-based’ approach as stipulated by the Council.


The curriculum focuses on providing an in-depth knowledge of subjects to its students, encouraging them for research-based learning that comes handy during higher studies and competitive examinations. St. Michael’s provides a wide range of options to its Science students that help them to focus on the compulsory subjects and devote less time to the optional subject if deemed necessary. The choice of subjects are as follows:

  • English + 4
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics/Biology
  • Biology/Computer Science/Hindi/Bengali/Physical Education
  • SUPW


Considered as one of the best options in the city, Commerce in St. Michael’s follows an encyclopaedic ISC syllabus akin to professional courses in Business, Management, Accountancy, Finance, etc. The perspective of the Commerce stream in ISC is much broader than other Boards and St. Michael’s has an experienced faculty to impart that knowledge. The subject options are varied and as follows:

  • English
  • Accounts
  • Commerce
  • Mathematics/Geography
  • Economics/Computer Science/Hindi/Bengali/Physical Education
  • SUPW


In its journey towards creating a better society, St. Michael’s School came up with its Humanities Department. It follows a comprehensive ISC syllabus and offers an eclectic mixture of subjects which would unfold a wide range of career options in the field academics, media, journalism, civil services, etc. Students are groomed in debates, leadership programmes and other forms of cultural events to further their abilities. The miscellaneous subject choices are as follows:

  • English
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Mathematics/Geography
  • Economics/Computer Science/Hindi/Bengali/Physical Education
  • SUPW
English (Compulsory) English (Compulsory) English (Compulsory)
Physics Accounts History
Chemistry Commerce Political Science
Mathematics/ Biology Mathematics/Geography Mathematics/Geography
Biology/Computer Science/Physical Education/ Bengali/ Hindi Economics/Computer Science/ Physical Education/ Bengali/ Hindi Economics/Computer Science/ Physical Education/ Bengali/ Hindi